DESSERT MENU – served all day

Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream

Fried dough balls infused w/ saffron simple syrup.

Topped w/ ice cream and rose drizzle.



A must have delicious creamy traditional

Indian ice cream.


Mango Custard

Light and delicious custard made from mango pulp

w/ a hint of cardamom.


Lemon Shrikhand Bars

Indian yogurt infused w/ saffron and cardamom

on a soft lemon bar w/ mixed nuts and seasonal fruit.

Creamy, exotic and decadent.



Indian-Italian dessert filled w/ Indian yogurt,

infused w/ saffron and cardamom.

Drizzled w/ chocolate syrup.

Garnished w/ seasonal fruits and nuts.


Soan Cake

Traditional Indian flaky cake w/ almonds and pistachios. Garnished w/ roast syrup and seasonal fruits.


Chai Créme Brulée

Delicious vegan dessert w/ chai masala.  [vg]



Traditional Indian tea brewed w/ fresh mint,

ginger, milk and sugar.




[v] Vegetarian  |  [vg] Vegan  |  [gf] Gluten Free

[o] Vegetarian / Vegan by Request

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