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A way to explore the menu. Stainless steel platter

sampling a variety of Chef’s daily selections.

Includes a samosa to start and dessert to finish.





Served with Rice and Naan.


Chole Masala

A northern Indian dish. Chickpeas in a tomato sauce of onions, ginger and aromatics. Tangy yet balanced.  [v] [vg] [gf]



Split yellow lentils in a hint of tomato sauce with curry leaves, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, clove and Hamir’s fresh garam masala. Garnished with cilantro.  [v] [vg]


Indo-Chinese Chicken

Peppers, onions and chicken sautéed in fresh ginger and

garlic in a slightly sweet, slightly fiery sauce with scallions and cilantro. (Does not include naan.)


Palak Paneer

Indian cheese paneer in a curry of spinach with cilantro,

ginger, garlic and house aromatics with

Hamir’s fresh garam masala.  [v] [gf]


Indo-Thai Shrimp

Shrimp in light coconut milk sauce of ginger, garlic and

Hamir’s fresh garam masala with medley of vegetables.

Garnished with cilantro.  [gf]


Fish Curry

Tandoori cod gently simmered in coconut curry.

Garnished with cilantro.


Lamb Curry

Lamb incorporated in a creamy tomato sauce with

herbs and seasonings.  [gf]


Crab Curry

Generous amount of lump and claw meat

delicately simmered in red curry ginger sauce.

Garnished with basil and cilantro.  [gf]


Indo Thai Shrimp




Brussels Sprouts

Sautéed sprouts in house seasonings.

Drizzled with lemon juice and mango soy reduction. [gf] [v] [vg]



Crispy fried pillow of potatoes, peas and carrots

with sweet chutney and mint yogurt sauce. [v] [vg]


Masala Paneer Cubes

Sautéed paneer (Indian cheese) with peppers and onions

in a mango coconut sauce.  [v]


Crab Puri

A twist on a traditional Indian street food made with

house crab mix. Garnished with chutneys, noodles (sev),

scallions and cilantro. [v] [vg]


Papdi Chat (Chickpea Salad)

A twist on a traditional Indian street food made with chickpeas.

Flavor packed with onions, chat masala and fresh house sauces:

mint yogurt, salsa, sweet chutney and peri peri.

Garnished with cilantro and papdi (Indian crackers).


Pineapple Coconut Shrimp

Sautéed shrimp with pineapples on bed of

pineapple coconut sauce. Garnished with cilantro.  [gf]


Fish or Crab Tacos (2)


Crab Soup


Tandoori Chicken

Chicken marinated overnight with yogurt and spices

baked in the oven on a bed of sautéed peppers, onions

and pineapple in peri peri sauce.  [gf]


Potato Flats

Thin cut potato wedges deep fried and

drizzled with house salsa and peri peri sauce.

Garnished with scallions and cilantro. [gf] [v] [vg]




Vegetable, Chicken or Shrimp

Fresh garlic sautéed with vegetables and

your choice of protein in house sauce.

Garnished with scallions and cilantro. [gf] [v] [vg]





Served with Rice and Naan plus Your Choice of Protein.


Paneer, Chicken, Shrimp, Crab or Lamb


Coconut Curry

Coconut curry with caramelized onions and tomato puree.

Garnished with cilantro. [gf] [o]


Korma Curry

A special curry with toasted coconut, cashew and

golden raisins. Hint of sweetness combined with fresh ginger,

garlic and aromatics.


Red Curry Ginger

Medley of vegetables in a creamy Indo-Thai red curry

ginger sauce. Garnished with cilantro and basil.  [gf] [o]


Tikka Masala

Creamy, lightly spiced tomato sauce of

smoked paprika and curry.  [o]


Creamy Butter Sauce

Delicious curry prepared with butter, cream, fresh ginger and garlic along with all fresh house aromatics including

Hamir’s fresh curry powder.  [v]










Puri  [v]


Buttered Naan or Garlic Naan


Sautéed Vegetables

Medley of vegetables pan sautéed with garlic and our

peri peri sauce. Drizzled with lemon juice.

Garnished with cilantro.  [v]


Dinner is served starting at 3pm

[v] Vegetarian  |  [vg] Vegan  |  [gf] Gluten Free

[o] Vegetarian / Vegan by Request

All Sauces Except Tikka Are Vegan

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